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The Bengali Kitchen

Thebengalkitchen is food start-up focusing on authentic Bengali food. We are a chain of restaurants with the sole aim of providing delicious Bengali food at your doorstep. We offer you Aloo Potol Posto, Ilish Macher Jhol, Shukto, Sandesh, Mutton Biryani, Aam Pora Shorbot, Tangra Macher Jhol, Alur Dom, Luchi, Chholar Dal, Lau Ghonto, Mochar Ghonto, Kosha Mangsho, Mishti Doi, Patishapta, and many more tasty items with its original home-like taste. Taste the Bengali love through our food.


Letsyle brings you all the entertainment and fashion related news to your fingertips. Information about your favourite actor/actress, upcoming films, reviews, gossips and lot is available on Letstyle (your source for entertainment info). And we don’t stop here. Every grooming tip, every fashion suggestion, latest trends, skincare, health, and much more is available on Letstyle. Tune in with us for keeping up with all latest trends.


Pursuit label is a venture that sells mobile accessories and t-shirt kind of stuff. Printed t-shirts, mobile accessories with your favourite graphics or pictures or catchphrases printed on it, are our speciality. We create specialised and customised merchandises for YouTubers and other social media influencers. Pursuit label offers you unique products with outstanding qualities at affordable rates. Join us for uniqueness & quality.

We are specialized at a few things


We provide you with professional assistance for web development (at affordable rates) so that you display the best to your customers.


Content is the king, but not everything. You cannot progress without proper search engine strategies. Our expertise in this field will help you gain better ranking in prominent search engines like Google.


You made the right product; we will make it profitable. No one can deny that our product selling strategies have made many happy, and surely you will be one of them.


Our dedicated team will help you in developing your blog and making it content-rich, popular, and most importantly, profitable. Our methods have been fruitful in the past and will indeed work right for you.


We are best at this. Crisp, factual, plagiarism-free, engaging contents are our speciality. People will definitely enjoy reading the content we provide you. We give you better; better than what you want. 


There’s no growth if your face is not trending on social media. We provide you with marketing strategies that will blow away your opponents and make your site visible to the maximum crowd.


Selling merchandise with your label and catchphrases is an excellent utilisation of your YouTube popularity. We make things easy for you by taking complete responsibility for your inventories: manufacturing, selling, everything; just for you.


Making a career as an influencer can be tough these days. There are many influencers out in the market, but we will make you stand ahead of everyone. Our marketing methods will surely increase your visibility. Now you make the right content and leave the rest on us


Your happiness is our happiness , thank you for being a part of us

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The majority of them really look good, informative, fluent reading and so on. Everything seems to be in the right place, the heads and subheads, they match the description. Keep it up! And most importantly, if I enjoyed reading it, then definitely my readers will!


You kidding me bro, this is top-notch! I love it. I wish you had launched this sooner man. I just got about 15 articles about CBD written from textbroker. They are good quality, but not as good as this one you just sent me. I’m gonna move all my article orders to you.


I have reviewed the articles. They’re looking great. Even when I told you to reconsider that article, you did it in a sec, without any complaint. That’s what I like about your service. Your posts are engaging and they give that, you know; ‘positive vibe’. Great job man!


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Anish G

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Aritra Barua

Senior designer

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Pritha Bose

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Fashion Designer



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